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RE: A fundamental change to my witness voting behavior

Massive Kudos to you mate!! @jackmiller is stiring up a lot of shit and that is bloody awesome to see some of the top 20 witnesses actually paying attention.

I 100% stand behind my witness vote for you (not that its much influence) but I appreciate someone having the balls to do something for the good of the community.


Mate, I'm the one who has to sit back and rethink a lot of things after our conversation. Might be offline for a day or so, except for the after action report on the Team Australia Karaoke Fundraiser.

So it's time for some deep thought and putting the pieces of this puzzle together again.

Sorry that our chat made you think, those brain cells should be put to better use.
I hate it when people make me think hehehe

Not ours, that was cool, I was referring to the chat with @pharesim he has proven that not everything is "black and white" (his exact words).