Master's work has proven to be real in the eyes of the world, Now we have creativity with the present Master's Creation .

Upvoted, Followed. Thank you again for your work please keep it up!

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Really looking forward to trying out the desktop version of eSteem. :)

Glad to see share of excitement! ;) Next week @joanaltres...

excellent job, I appreciate what you do for the platform, hard work for the benefit of all, congratulations and thanks for compartr

thanks @jlufer for support! ;)


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This looks very interesting! Looking forward for updates on esteem, and the desktop program.

Yes, it is. Been hard at work for last few weeks on multiple products. And desktop app is one of those which got me excited and keep implementing more features. Though, as promised initial version will be released before SteemFest. ;)

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saya sangat gembira dengan informasi terbaru ini..
saya berharap secepatnya terilis versi dekstop dan android terbaru.

I have used the eSteem on my mobile quite a bit, the features I like the most is the "Save Post for Later" and of course the image uploader.

It is a clunky app at sometimes and freezes... but overall I enjoy it... looking forward to updates and will try the desktop as well.

Thanks @kyusho.. yes I am aware of some issues and fixed few recently. Let me know if there is anything particular that bothers you so we can take a look in more details

Headed to Germany and Austria Tuesday for a couple of weeks, I will be on eSteem exclusively... will give it a good test run then.

By the way, how do you (if possible) eliminate a bookmark (nice feature) in the phone app?

To remove bookmark you can just open Bookmarks page and swipe left on list or you can open bookmarked post and click on bookmark icon again to un-bookmark it...

Thanks @good-karma - that is one place where my eSteem locks up.

I can't seem to log on steemit to chat with you, wanted to say hi. Clicked link and tried to log in but no joy. This is intense and very all over for my fb styled brain.
Best regards dave, try figure it tomrrow..

Thanks @good-karma about the articles you share.
I am a little bit confused about esteem, because I do not understand how to change the server.
Yesterday I had mengantinya as you teach. Crossword a day has returned cross

Good job # @good-karma atas informasinya yg anda posting yg bermanfaat bagi kami kami senang anda nyaman 🙏

Hi good-karma!
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