You got my vote

You got my vote too.

Gern gevotet.
Aber bitte nimm das : beim Witness-Link raus. ;)

Welcome to the dark side.

Hi @holger80, I'll check your python library as I'm interested to learn more about extracting information from the Steemit Blockchain.
Thanks for all the effort.

I am going to vote for you too.

hey @holger80 i think what you're doing is very important, the current library has it's limits, and we need a way better one, you have my vote.....come join us in @comedyopenmic i would like to get the word out to bring you up to top 100 Witness ASAP so you cost to run your server is covered (power & internet should be free for you to focus on dev)

COM Discord:

Thank you for your support!

btw. witness-Link fails. The colon is part of the URL in this posting

Hat er bis jetzt nicht geändert. kopfschüttel

Your steemconnect link does not work...
Anyway, my vote for you!

Fortunately, I've got a couple of votes to spare, so you've got one of them. Going to the voting page right now. Good luck!!

Really good application, I just set up a Witness server myself and got my first block today. I'm going to give you a vote to help you move up the list a little - good luck.

#thealliance #witness


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