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RE: Steem Consensus Witness Statement : Softfork 0.22.8888

You're a thief. I hope those you've robbed sue you and name the CCP as a co-defendant, since they're clearly pulling your strings. You can justify your thievery with revisionist history all you want. Those who were there through the unfolding of this know that you never negotiated in good faith. You were using more and more of stake that was supposed to be used for development of the blockchain to vote on witnesses running on a single server while in the very midst of meetings about working together.

Additionally, a new blockchain forked off an existing chain has no obligation whatsoever to give stake to anyone whatosever. That the fork organizers chose to provide free starting stake to anyone was at their discretion. Those who chose to participate in the new chain also do so at there own discretion. Everyone is a free party. But to steal funds from those on STEEM who simply vote for witnesses you don't like is indefensible. I'm curious to see how this plays out in the civil suit.