A Little Tool: Change Account Recovery

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I made a tool to help you Change Account Recovery on Steem Blockchain.


Chinese Version:

You would need Owner Key to use this.


The Core SteemJs code to broadcast a ChangeRecoveryAccount is:

steem.broadcast.changeRecoveryAccount(wif, accountToRecover, newRecoveryAccount, extensions, function(err, result) {
  if (!err && result) log("Account Recovery Updated");

Little advice: Change Account Recovery to someone you trust.

I hope this helps!

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very nice

useful tool, anyone can make mistakes, it's good to make people trusted as account recovery.

Glad to see you finally are starting to understand how to keep millions of dollars safe

Why do you vote for taking 5 million USD from people who have earned it over years of hardwork on this chain?

You are a thief if you do not retract your vote for such a thing.

Your parents would be ashamed of your actions!