How much does Steem API Load Balancer cost using AWS Lambda?

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Currently, as a witness I have provided/maintained the following API Nodes:


In particular, the following is on AWS Lambda (Serverless Load Balancer):

It has been running (24/7) for more than a month, let's see how much it actually costs:


Load Balancer Metrics


Compared to previous EC2 instance, the usage of Serverless Lambda is trivial (currently costing around 1 USD per month).

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Thank you for sharing this information, i really liked it.
can you tell me what is the difference between voting for a witness and setting a proxy ?

If i set a proxy for a witness than i can't vote for anyone else?

please tell me about this. thank you

Exactly.. every body has 30 witness votes, but if you prefer, you can proxy to me so that I represent you to vote those 30 witnesses.

Thank you.

you are welcome and thank you for supporting us new comers 🙂. I ll update the Delegations every week and make sure that i support you with my maximum Steem power.

Once again thank you and keep up the good work 🙂.