Missing a Block due to Block Collision #47117731

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I've got email notification as soon as I missed a block:


Then, I quickly check the logs, and notice there is a warning message:

2428173ms database.cpp:788 _maybe_warn_multiple ] Encountered block num collision at block 47117731 due to a fork, witnesses are: ['justyy', 'maiyude']
2428199ms database.cpp:814 _push_block ] Switching to fork: 02cef5a4afc902b4e0618f0587f2edd91328c3b1
2428262ms database.cpp:824 _push_block ] pushing blocks from fork 47117731 02cef5a381732476e20c839856481ae2f3a10029
2428273ms database.cpp:824 _push_block ] pushing blocks from fork 47117732 02cef5a4afc902b4e0618f0587f2edd91328c3b1

Since I missed the block, I guess the winner is @maiyude


This is usually caused by network latency or the inaccurate time - your turn (maximum 3 seconds window) to produce a block has passed and then your next witness gets the turn - even you have finally produced a block but it is too late.

It is recommended to install the ntp daemon to keep your clock sync-ed.

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thanks for new info, You will get a witness soon.


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