Reclaiming the Disk Space by Deleting the Logs of the Docker Container

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The Steem Blockchain is huge and currently it has over 47 Million blocks and still growing!

To run a steem witness, you will need at least 16GB RAM and at least 1TB HDD/SSD. The blockchain size is currently over 300GB, and imagine you would need to restore from backup instead of replaying/reindexing the whole blockchain which takes weeks, a large Disk would certainly help.

If your Steem Node (Using the Docker Container: SIAB: Steem-In-A-Box) is running for months, you will have lots of the logs written - which you can truncate and reclaim the lost space.

First, go to the container directory - which is located at /var/lib/docker/containers/.

Then for example, the log is the -json.log file - which you can locate them by find . -name "*.log" -type f -size +100M to list log files that are larger than 100M.

Then, we can just truncate the log file (do not simply remove it otherwise the logs will be stopped writing):

echo "" > log_file-json.log

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I don't know about this. But there are 47 million blocks a lot. And just increased everyday. I have only 3 GB RAM.

great, already upvoted

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