Showing the "Average SP per delegator" in Top Delegation Pages

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In the following pages:

  1. Top Delegations by SP
  2. Top Delegations by Count

I have added the last column showing the average SP per delegator so that you know which project has a higher SP delegation per delegator.

Currently, @justyy is ranked NO.3 in terms of number of delegations:


and each delegation averages 1386 SP

We can sort the last column and now you can see which is the project that most big whales go to:


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I tested them all.... for Rewards you are by far the best. I am undelegating from everyone else and send $$$$ to you.

I will let everyone I know on Steemit, Blurt, Twitter that @justyy is #1

you are the best @justyy , I hope you reach more new heights.
There is no one who is thinking about new comers and that's why i think you are the best , I can only say this that i ll make sure that my Delegation for ll upgrade continuously.

Thank you for your support 🙂

@justyy I already gave you my vote for witness, Regards

Congratulations @justyy, I hope you continue to grow, you deserve it for all the effort.

I got upvote yesterday but nothing today?