Witness Tool Update: Know who is your biggest supporter?

in #witness-category3 years ago (edited)

I have spent some time enriching the tool Steemit Witnesses Supporters - Who Vote You as SteemIt Witness? and now on the page, you can sort your voters by reputation, steem power or the time they voted you.

For example:


Thank you, my top 5 supporters are: @smooth, @neoxian, @dhenz, @sweetsssj and @done !

Please note: this does not take proxy into consideration.

Vote for me or Set me as a witness Proxy - Every vote counts! - Thank you!

Your Vote is much appreciated, and every vote counts.

Check out My Witness Page

Support me and my work as a witness - witness thread by

  1. voting me here, or
  2. voting me as a witness proxy - let @justyy represent you.

Thank you! Some of My Contributions: SteemIt Tutorials, Robots, Tools and APIs

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