Witness Update: Witness Feed Now Published Every Hour!

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I was using conductor feed to publish the feed previously however it is not stable at all. Sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn't. I have to manually run the command, enter password, press Ctrl + Z to stop it, run bg to put it at background and use disown to detach it (stay in background).

During the past few months, I observed that the feed publishing was kinda random sometimes the interval was a few hours, and even worse, it randomly quit.

Recently, I came across the Steem Witness Price Feed Publishing Tool and it works perfect.

Now, @justyy as a witness (loyal to steem) has been publishing feed regularly once every hour. By using the npm pm2 process management tool, the feed publisher stays controlled in background nicely.



Why Feed Publish?

One of the steem witnesses' responsibility is to publish feed to help build a better steem blockchain.

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Thank you!

Some of My Contributions: SteemIt Tutorials, Robots, Tools and APIs


It is great to see that you consider maintaining an accurate and up to date price feed important. Reporting once an hour though is considered by most as too frequent, due to the fact that the blockchain takes a median of the 21 prices. It is especially so if you are not in the top 20. You could adjust it to once ever 4-6 hours and still be 100% fine.

thank you very much for your suggestions. Will change it accordingly.