Witness statement

Firstly, let me be categorically clear that I am not aware of any fork being planned, nor have I ever considered supporting any contentious forks.

I commit to not supporting any fork (i.e. signing blocks with modified Steemd software) that will in any way affect any Steem stakeholders' funds, except in criminal or legal situations.

Steemit, Inc. is a private company and can do with their funds as they please. However, I'd strongly urge Ned & Steemit, Inc. to stop the power down on the @steemit account and put the community at ease. Furthermore, I'd request greater transparency and accountability - something also strongly requested by the Steem community.


Everyone still begging ned to either talk or take action.

I don't care what he does with his stake and I'm not that interested in what he is going to do or say as he has a clear track record of not following through.

He can shove his stake....

anywhere he wants.

There's no begging here. I started the paragraph categorically stating Steemit Inc. can do whatever they want with their stake. Then went on to request that they stop. I'm under no illusions that this request will receive a response.

except in criminal or legal situations

You should state your own judgment. Criminal according to which legislation? What if legislation from 2 different countries conflict?

Happy to see these statements coming out from witnesses. It would be nice to build this community on trust and transparency, with respectful cooperation leading innovation.

You guys and @ned should meet IRL and record the meeting for the community. Steemian against Ninja Piracy.

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I agreed with you. Happy that this words are coming from witnesses

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Somehow this whole story envolved without me getting anything about it.^^

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... except in criminal or legal situations.

Mind clarifying, maybe with a hypothetical example, how you may condone a simular fork in the future with regards to those criminal or legal situations?

If there's a significant hack, or illegal content on the chain which gets a legal notice in the country I host my witness server, I will consider supporting a fork that rectifies those.

It’s his stake so he and do whatever he wants. It’s like telling all the bitcoin whales to stop selling bitcoin 😅😂

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Firstly, it's not Ned's stake. Steemit, Inc. is a private company with a board of directors and split ownership. It's fair to assume Ned is part owner of the company, so he does have a say in deciding what happens with the stake.

I said as much, it's their stake to do with it as they please. However, I can also request them to stop it as the community has been concerned.

They want to dump the premined coins 😂

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A normally trustworthy source has suggested the ninja stake has gone from 80% to 20% overall. If that is true then we are witnessing an evolution... one that can be minimalized in future experiments.