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RE: The "steemgigs" Witness Is Now On A 64GB RAM Server & How Help The Steem Ecosystem.

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You are already upvoted by me.
Main reason?I can t find someone more helpful than you.Even if i haven't been benefited from your activity i still think you are doing amazing job out there
Thumbs up for you


@mindtrap, #surpassinggoogle is doing a great job to this platform, because I learned a lot from him. For instance, when he introduced teardrops, I never know how to think and write something about teardrops. But when I saw teardrops, I sat down and I think of what has happened that shared tears on my face and I remember one of my best friend classmate who died during how final year examination. You can check the full story [Here] so what am I saying? #surpassinggoole help my talents how to write about someone.

for #steemgigs that an amazing job of migrating to 64GB RAM For better server. Kudos to you sir @surpassinggoole.
Lastly, it been long that I want to vote you for witness, but now that I read this post I now understand how to vote for my witness. Thanks for your touch sir. Love and cares for you sir.

The “teardrops” is also another project initiated by the human behind @steemgigs w/c is sir @surpassinggoogle. He has done so much for the community and has inspired so many steemians with all of his kind and encouraging words. Kudos to you sir SG! God bless :)

sir please check this issue. i want to be a post at @steemgigs

Yeah he is. He's always upvoting many Steemians. I don't know how he manages his time but I really appreciate his efforts.

Thank you alot. I hope i get to visit with you sometime really soon

I would be honored

Wow the guy in Philippine?

Yes you are right sir!

how can i join with steemgigs?

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