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RE: The "steemgigs" Witness Is Now On A 64GB RAM Server & How Help The Steem Ecosystem.

in #witness-category4 years ago (edited)

I never knew there were free services too. #Steemgigs is really going places.

I must confess that I too made that mistake of typing in surpassinggoogle at the time.

Way to go Terry! Your updates never ceases to give me joy!


well thats really an useful information that you share @surrpassinggoogle and sir i have try to contactt you on discord but i could successed and also on twitter but failed i think you must be busy but ypur doing an amazing jon and thanks for making the work of steemghigs and witness transparent by your post many of us didnt know these information regarding steemigigs!

Yes @surrpassinggoogle is brought a good intiviative in shape of @steemgigs.

Thank you for drawing joy. Stay awesome

You actually deserve more than this. You an angel on this platform and in people's life. Thank you for always sharing.

Thanks for update nice reply for @surpassinggoogle

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