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RE: A fundamental change to my witness voting behavior

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I don't think he's bad for the platform, no. I just don't see him qualified to secure the blockchain and provide infrastructure, which in my opinion is what witness funds should be used for.


You mean he can't run a docker and keep a vps paid for? C'mon, be real. He has paid into development projects, paid steem to any witness under 100 to help them stay turned on, and has repented and refrained from coming in like a bulldozer, like many others do, once he figured out the environment.

If securing the chain is a deal, let's see you yank your votes from @aggroed, @nextgencrypto and @ausbitbank among others, none of whom have ever seen a line of code in their entire lives. And in at least one case, possibly two of those, hasn't done shit, except ride on the backs of other people's largely unrecognized efforts on their behalf.

Oh wait, if they took THEIR votes off you, welp, you'd be triple digits in no time, eh?

Be honest and real @pharesim, just say you don't like Jerry. Because your other excuses are kinda flimsy under a light.

so it goes. hate to inform yall, but jerry has done a metric ton more for steem visibility, user influx, and user retention, as well as for developers and young witnesses than pharesim has ever dreamed of, further, if you look at who pharesim kept, compared to his "criteria", his "criteria" are full of crap and basically, he just doesn't like Jerry, so man up and just say so?
i found a half dozen more names I could have included in my comment
curie, ocd, adsactly - none of them "technical"
The hypocrisy in this post summarized right there in one name

Uh, what's that mean?

That your comments are way too butthurt and personal for me to bother with a serious reply. Have a good life.

hah, well, if i was butthurt, I would have unvoted you in return out of spite, but i didn't. Because you are entitled to your opinion of Jerry. Just be sure to disclose the real reasons, like how he just passed you in the top 20 and pushed you down one, but to cite your reasons and still keep bernie and the others who dont meet your same "criteria" screams YOU are the butthurt hypocrite, not me. ;)

Lol. More stupid speculation. And again, you're wrong.
See, if I would mind Jerry being above me, I'd just fix that by voting for myself.

Still not bothering to comment the rest, if you decide to base your opinions on wild guessing that's up to you.

Occam's razor.