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A few weeks ago, we silently launched our witness to make sure everything was running well. So far we've produced 10s of blocks without any issues :)

Who are you?

We are PRIVEX. A hosting company that cares about it's users, with a team of highly talented individuals behind it.

Some of our core members:

  • Chris (@someguy123) - CEO and Chairman of Privex Inc. / Rank 9 Witness / Over 10 years of technical experience / 6 years of cryptocurrency development experience
  • @malicered - Lead of Support and Design. Responsible for many of the amazing designs such as the one at the top of this post, and our logo.
  • Marc (@deathbypenguin) - User Experience Engineer - Responsible for things such as our beautiful panel which is coming soon.
  • Kale (@kryogenic) - CTO and DevOps - Over 10 years of technical experience. Responsible for the smooth operations of our fleet of servers, as well as the backend of our server provisioning systems.
  • Tyler - Technical support and operations management for some of our systems.

Why did you become a witness?

We're a company that is highly invested in Steem. We want to make Steem the best cryptocurrency to use. As many as 95% of our server orders are paid with STEEM or SBD, which are fee-free, and stable compared to some other cryptocurrencies.

However, with our low profit margins, it's hard to grow quickly. We haven't taken any external investment (other than from the founders themselves), and we currently have no plans to do so.

Becoming a witness allows us to create a new income source to help us fund new regions, high quality hardware, and our top notch support (many tickets are resolved within 5 minutes of being received! try that with any other crypto company).

What are you going to do with the money?

As many witnesses are aware, the requirements to run an RPC server for Steem is growing rapidly, having surpassed 256gb just a few weeks ago. We want to be the #1 company for Steem-related infrastructure, whether you run a website, a witness, or an RPC server, and the funds from our witness will help us to fill those goals.

We're planning on a small-scale roll out of extremely high RAM servers in our new Sweden region (The basic <128gb servers are launching in the next few weeks hopefully). These servers could have as much as 2 to 3 Terabytes of RAM! More than enough to run an in-memory RPC node. We're also experimenting with multi-NVME setups that may be more sustainable in the future (as RAM gets exponentially more expensive...)

Some of our current projects:

  • One of the most used RPC nodes on the network (
  • The first public Steem Blockchain Data Service (SBDS) node to help people run various services with less complexity.
  • We launched one of the first seeds on PeerPlays a few months ago, which is still running.
  • We are the official hosts for several major Steem services, and one of the only hosting providers that accepts STEEM and SBD directly (and we don't use a fiat-conversion service! We try to stay in the ecosystem)
  • We're soon to launch one of the most affordable Swedish regions available on the server market.
    • As some people may know, Sweden has extremely good network connectivity, strong privacy laws, and is very open to things such as TOR nodes and VPN nodes. We'll be allowing TOR Exit nodes in our new Swedish region to help protect people's privacy :)
    • With Sweden (and more regions soon), we'll be helping to reduce the growing number of witnesses in Germany, so that STEEM can be more decentralized. As always, we'll be backing our regions with our Witness Block Miss SLA, we put our money where our mouth is when it comes to reliability of our network.

Technical Information

The witness will be maintained by @someguy123, with some of our other technical staff serving as backups in the event someguy123 is not available. Someguy123 is experienced in the technical operation of bitshares-based witnesses for almost 2 years, and over a decade of Linux experience.

We have 2 of our 64GB servers (one primary, one backup), with SSDs, located in Germany. We will move the primary node to Sweden once the region is live, to help reduce the current centralization of witnesses in Germany.

How to vote

To vote for @privex, go to and enter in the box at the bottom "privex", and press VOTE.

Thanks to everyone for all of your support. Without the Steem community, we would have never managed to get so far.

If you'd like to grab a server, just go to our website: - we accept STEEM, SBD, LTC, and BTC as payment. We offer both Virtual and Dedicated servers (all the way from 1gb up to 256gb RAM, with 512gb coming soon).


You run a hosting company, get paid in Steem and are invested in bettering the Steem blockchain. I couldn’t think of a better witness! You’ve got my vote :)

I agree with you @travelersmem

@privex Steem is Awesome Project that's why u invest in it..
And My vote For U to Make Steemit NETWORK better..
i wish that ur hosting company Makes New Records In Market..
Good Luck

wow that sounds like a very interest project... I will checkout your website for sure.

Really really a nice idea kudos👍

I'm quite new here ... meanwhile I more and more have the impression that this platform is packed with awesome people who are on a mission to build something great with lasting impact.

Well done guys.
I also own a small web hosting company where I run my witness and new seed node from here in Atlanta GA. I did a post a few days ago and touted your hosting service in a post "Can I afford To Be A Witness". I am currently not in a position to host other folks nodes so I am not advertising that I do. My article did however mention @Privex and @someguy123 with huge accolades for your service.

Let me know if you guys ever want to put any hardware here in my colo. I'll be glad to be another US region for you if you need another data center.

Congrats on the infrastructure buildouts
Privex is real TEAM STEEM player

You've got my support. :)

Thanks for all you do to support the ecosystem.

i'd love to get a witness server with you guys and learn the process of managing it. props for supporting the steem blockchain network with all you do.

Hey, I remember you from the UX update post! Nice.

Well, not to be too bearish but if user activity decreases in the foreseeable future as the price declines we may see the need for ram not increase so rapidly.

And if that mirrors a move in the real-world economy and the deleveraging scenario hitting with an increase in interest rates it might mean that companies won't be so keen on offering phones at 0% APR. This might push both costs of phones and demand for them down as natural consumer purchasing power decreases during the recession, and they might not have as much of an incentive to offer phones with such obscene amounts of ram.

Good luck on your business and witness ventures, but as long as you're sensible at the speed at which you are acquiring the new hardware I'm sure you won't experience too much regret at paying a premium for ram! Just download more!

Looking really good actually, definitely​ deserves a vote and will get one from me!​ Goodluck :)

@privex Congrats bro and hope you will get maximum votes and I'm also voting for you as a witness and learned about servers in your post it will increase my knowledge of servers.

Important mission! Witnesses is what sets steem apart.

Given that your logo and designs are super excellent... you've absolutely got my witness vote too!

Good luck guys, thanks for everything you do for Planet Steem!

As you people are doing good work to make steemit more and more secure. We must also do our part. Yes, definitely I will be voting in next few second. Though I don't know how much my vote will be valued but I am voting for you....

@privex is best company for steem witness server :)
I'm 100% satisfied with my server.
You have my vote :)

Good luck! I’m still learning about witnesses and will be interesting to follow along and learn more.

You got my vote

Upvoted, resteemed and following!!

wow that sounds like a very interest project

Just found this. Voting for you now. Brilliant idea and happy to support you as witness. I don't do anything where I need servers of my own, but will definitely spread the word among my business consulting clients.

The team itself is evidence of something amazing is on its way. I will keep reading :)

OK sir,
I think there will not be anyone better than you, who can make steemit better and secure. You make and invest in steemit.
I am upvoting you as witness, a small complement from minnow......

Who is the person behind this witness?
How will this witness decide fer example if SBD should be pegged to the dollar again or not?
Or is this just another witness for someguy123 to cash out?


@privex is owned by Privex Inc. - a registered company in Belize with several directors and shareholders, thus any witness decisions would be discussed with all members of the board before making changes. This means that @privex may have different witness parameters compared to @someguy123 in the event that there is a majority vote against @someguy123's opinion.

You can see all of our primary board members in the post, they're very clearly listed, and several have active Steemit accounts to show they're real people.

There is no "cashing out", we currently do 100% re-investing of all profits into expansion (e.g. new regions, services to make our staff's jobs easier, domains, etc.).

At least your PR department is better than steemits;)

Yeah, I'm part of the Privex team! I can assure you, that I am very real! Not quite as real as the amount of work I do as Support Lead, but pretty real!

See, here's my shameless plug. Check out @malicered for some nerdy goodness in the name of STEEM.


Oh yeah?
Well, two can play that game:

Vote @isnochys as witness!

You really funny .....LOl

you might need a Dentist there.... Appoint me as a full time dentist lol... :p

Wow.nice and good post ..thank you my friend @privex

I like to see your informative post & thanks a lot to share this content with us.

Upvoted, resteemed and following

Welcome to steemit, looking forward to seeing you around @chessmasterhex.

Strongly appreciate you, I just like all the rules and maintaining system. As a hosting company you will give a lot opportunity. Already resteemed . All the best @privex

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Very interesting... thank you for sharing!
Check out my first chapter The Mythical Curse!!

I supported with upvote :) Best wishes everyone, specially core members.

Excellent initiative count on my vote!

You've gotten my vote already.. Goodluck;-)

thanks for all you to support the ecosystam. restemeeted and following...

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nice! alot of witnesses run on this servers anyways ;)

let us all make 2018 a memorable year for steem.

Awesome idea, can't wait to hear more.

You got my vote. I updated my witness list @privex.

With this update, voting you as witness will not be a problem. I enjoy fast and free transaction on steem blockchain, anyone would not want this to stop.

Congrats guys! Look really good!

You have my vote!

lets make Steem the best cryptocurrency! Welcome to steemit!
follow me @JuanDVG

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This is simply brilliant!

Congrats @privex on your witness servers. Like others, I'm still learning how to set up a server myself and I'm very interested in investing in this community with your products. Rock on!

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I hope you will get maximum votes and I'm also voting for you as a witness. Congrats bro @someguy123 @privex

You got my vote for sure.

Done to upvotes

You’ve got my vote!

I support you for what you're doing. Wish you success.

Thanks information.nice post


You’ve got my support @privx. I’m new here but totally agree with what you’ve said!! Keep it up. I’ll be sticking with the steemit blockchain from now on @k-mcg

Okay you have my vote, but what does Non-Techy Newbies stand to gain?



You know you have my vote!

NICE .........DEAR

Nice post. I like it

highly useful information. good post. thank you @privex

I'm a newbie here, myself, and resisting this crypto thing. You make it wound like a no-brainer and that's a definite plus, for me.


Hi, Iam new here and I already read your post. A little bit confused but Im surely enjoying it :)

Please don't forget to follow and upvote me :)

Well Done Guys

Just from reading what you do, I am very grateful that you do know what your purpose is in this global transition. I am here to support you, as you are also supporting me!

I am glad to hear that/also voted. But the sad thing is witnessing system has already centralized. People are only voting for the top 50, Soon it will be impossible to pay the server fees for even someone who in top 100...(It is already impossible for people like us)
We really need some help, some boost from the giants but sadly they only vote for top50 so the current schemes are only working for the people on top 50...

Lets see what will happen in the future...

Vote for ewq
Vote for Privex
Vote for top 50
Vote for top 20
Vote for top 10
The Pyramid
And stop using Proxies!!! Someone told me "I am using @Utopian-io as proxy, if they vote for you, than you will get the vote from me" Wtf... Will they ever vote for someone like me???

You run a hosting company, get paid in Steem and are invested in bettering the Steem blockchain. i'd love to get a witness server with you guys and learn the process of managing it. props for supporting the steem blockchain network with all you do.

wow!..Accepting steem?
You got my vote.

really interested
am gonna check it out

You've got my vote too! Good Luck!

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What an initiative! You have my (little) support!

I like your post as succesful as always friend thanks👍

Wow this is great I have learned a lot from steemit

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Nice innovation

You gave me a genious idea to own a web hosting , we ought to learn things from you, would like to see your next with all my support to you

As we all know that world is growing rapidly and we should also mold ourselves according to the world on whats going on there. Someone has to take step and do something i read your whole article you have an great idea carry on guys i m with you and yes you have my vote too.

I learn many things of your post.. thanks dear @privex

thanks for this post, I am learning and learning about Witnesses, that's why you got my vote