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RE: Broadcast myself to be a new witness of GREAT STEEM COMMUNITY

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There should not be a list of witness nodes. No one would reveal their witness node IP address.
However, there is a list of seed nodes and there are chances (not 100%) that the witness node is in the same country as the seed node from the same owner:


i think he was asking as this new witness says there isn't a seed node based in Australia when in fact is one already running there

That's where I was confused, the author only said "there is absolutely zero node list in Australia" but what node is he talking about? RPC nodes? Seeds Nodes? Witness Nodes?

If he wanted to contribute with a seed node in Australia, he could do it without setting up a witness operation. But he went and setup a witness node and no seed node, which is why I was assuming he was talking about the locations of witness nodes.

ah i see you point, agreed, there is surely multiple witnesses nodes running in Australia probably including yours (good job by the way), but to my knowledge only 1 reliable full seed node that i know off (probably belonging to Abb), so that's what I though he didn't know about

Cheers mate.
Just to clarify, mine is running in Europe but operated from Australia 😆. Servers in AU are too expensive and I'm not sure if the latency would be low enough. There is no need to have a witness node in AU anyway. An RPC node maybe, if you are running a local project that needs faster access to the data from the blockchain and then a seed node to help it sync faster if needs be.

I see you still have some witness votes left... hint hint 🤣

LOL ... hint taken! condition, you must put in entries into @comedyopenmic and help build great communities here on Steem blockchain ..... being a geek is not enough to get votes, but i know you know that ;)

Come join us in COM Discord:

I’ve been trying for days to think of something I could write or record for an entry but maaaannnnn, I’m no comedian. I started watching comedy tutorial on YouTube but could not get an inspiration. That will probably be the greatest challenge of my life. Do you have any good learning material?

go read #comedyschool by @amirtheawesome1, we believe everyone can be funny, and becoming funny is like any other skill, it takes practice, so don't give up your day job as witness, keep watching comedy sketches and learn to keep an eye out for funny things in your daily life

alot of humor materials comes from day to day truth, go read the entries #comedyopenmic and contribute as a curator, find 2 or 3 writers you like enough to follow...this might mean you have to read at least 10-15 good to find which style would more suite you

hey mate, I don't agree your idea of no need to have witness nodes. That's something makes seed node necessary, if no witness nodes, what's the point of set up seed nodes... We need more people like us to join Steem.

hey mate, I was talking about seed node in Australia, which is zero, from the map.

I started myself as a witness node, am keen to set up a seed node though. sorry about the confusion.

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