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RE: Witness Discussion – SBD price and reverse peg

@reggaemuffin Hi, I also say that making SBD equal to the value of a USD will have such a big impact..I have spoken to people that buy their groceries weekly from steemit earnings.I believe that if earnings on posts drop so will the content quality because of low motivation.Some people work really hard and Steemians appreciate it by showing their appreciation by larger upvotes.I have found such hope in Steemit and i am promoting it far and wide because of the change it can make in lives.I am almost able to afford a camera after one of my posts got a great upvote, That is such good motivation to keep on trying to be better and post more interesting material.The current reward system is the motivation behind the healthy competition.


Make your own USD-pegged currency and leave Steemit alone. Thanks!