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RE: A fundamental change to my witness voting behavior

It is kind of interesting seeing the 'big players' problems through the eyes of a small minnow (550 SP).

I have removed some of the witnesses I have voted before. Nothing personal. Reason: there was nothing personal. (Don't worry: I would -never- vote for @jerrybanfield and his sick mind). I would love to see Witnesses vote for loyal and potential Steemians on the platform. I honestly think that @anomadsoul, @sndbox and curation trails like @curie and @ocd are offering a great perspective on those talented content creators.

Distributing wealth is something else. It is nearly an impossible or very difficult task to accomplish. Where GEO location is affecting the distribution as well, a dollar here in Europe might not seem a lot, but in the Philippines, it is.

I am a bit surprised I haven't seen (maybe they did before) witnesses enrolling a program for their voters. Increasing their stake, so their witness vote will grow with them as well.

I guess Europeans would need about 15-20k SP to be able to Steem on a daily base. Imagine: 200 100% upvotes from a single player with a Stake like yours could change a life within 7 months. Within a month if you'd do hardcore voting.

This is why Jerrybanfield grows twice as fast with only selling his votes. He is changing lives, but he charges money and a witness vote for it. Truly unethical imho. Giving his (potential) witness voters a bigger stake, allowing him to get higher and more valuable witness-votes. Plus with the liquid SBD that he can exchange for Steem and the curation rewards on the post that he upvoted will add up significantly. It is smart, I give you that. But his greed might destroy the platform. In my opinion, it is a higher threat than @haejin, I have no problems with him up-voting only himself since he and his investor hold a lot of Stakes. At this very moment, it would take about 4.5k 100% self-upvotes to get your investment back.

While wealth is being distributed by some. There are a few players that are focusing on themselves, which is alright. You can't judge selfish or selflessness behaviour I guess. But the best way to address this is to counter-attack with more distribution without losing yourself.

One of the greatest marketing/strategy tips I ever received was: If you want to grow fast; invest 70% of your profit all the time and make that 30% your 100% goal.

I'd love to see you take your time @pharesim to see what you think of these two cents. I am a fan for throwing some ideas high up in the sky, trying to get them picked up someday.



Can't say much but agree ;)

All we can do is raise awareness and use our votes in a way that distributes the pool as wide as possible. And for small guys like you, grow of course!

@pharesim i'm new join i post my #introduceyourself.
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