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RE: A fundamental change to my witness voting behavior

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Hello @pharesim.
Some of us quite new to this platform, do not really understand all the mechanics behind witness voting.
I read your post and understand think I get your point, witnesses should be there for their effort and performance not from just being able to manage to get votes, but I would appreciate getting a better understanding of how all that part of Steem works. I value sincere positions as yours and would appreciate any link where I could get deep information on how all the process works.
Thank you.


Best point to start is the "Witnesses" section in the FAQ I'd say

I don't think that says what they actually do or why we should care. I used to ask what witnesses do but now it's a meme that no one knows.

That's because every witness does a job of their own. The main responsibility is keeping the blockchain running, but most have side projects.
There's a column URL on where every witness can put a description.

Oh, k, so my experience running other blockchains means I could just as easily be a witness should I be able to get the votes. K.

You can "be a witness" here for the cost of a cloud vps. Being a visible, profitable, witness with votes enough to even get to a break even position is a whole nother matter entirely.

You may have experience in POW chains, but what experience do you have with dPOS chains?