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RE: Witness Update - Running my own softfork (22.3)

In the current state, if Tron takes any of the restricted actions on their accounts that my node is not blocking - my node will fork and split from the "longest chain" held by the other witnesses

Only briefly. You will rejoin the longest chain after the next round.

As an aside, I understand why you are doing this but I think it is a pretty bad idea for individual witnesses to make up their own soft fork rules without even any sort of weak consensus with other witnesses. This can easily end up in a situation where there are various conflicting rules, none with a clear majority, and the chain becomes very unstable.


Understood, and that was one of my biggest hesitations before deciding to proceed. In the end, my decision was based on the fact that my node with 22.1 was already in a state where I would fork if Tron used any of the operations. It is less in that state with 22.3. 22.3 did not add any new conditions under which my node would fork that were not already there on my node + all of the other nodes that haven’t upgraded.