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If we can't get to a point where we trust each other to work together, then this partnership between our two communities is dead-on-arrival

I am very bullish on the potential that exists between a Tron and Steem community partnership

All of that said though, there is no guarantee that this "partnership" will work

For fuck's sake, there is no partnership. Tron bought a company, one with a significant role in the Steem community and ecosystem, but also one with a lot of baggage and strains in its relationship with this community. I don't know if, given the strains in that relationship, Steemit is even in any position to push for a partnership with Tron, even if the people in that organization (regardless of its ownership) wanted to. At best, it would be something they could try to sell.

At the very least, the amount of clear stakeholder support for this fork (which most would agree with you raises tricky questions and isn't something to be done lightly), should make clear to everyone that your strong bullishness and optimism toward such a partnership is not widely shared and there is a great deal of skepticism, at best, if not outright opposition, surrounding the role of Tron in the Steem blockchain and its future.

Now, you, Tron, Ned, anyone is free to propose such a partnership to the Steem community and try to build support for it within the Steem community, so that perhaps, eventually, a consensus could build in favor of moving forward with such a partnership. But so far that has not happened, even remotely.

In no way whatsoever does any sort of partnership "just happen" because Ned saw an opportunity for a quick payday and sold Tron his company. Nor does it "just happen" because Justin proclaims it or hypes it on his twitter account, etc. If the Steem community is going to enter into any sort of partnership with anyone, that will require a decision of the Steem community, and no one else.


It was probably a poor choice of words given the situation, but the reality is that there are people in the Tron community (including Tron) who are interested in working with Steemians, and there are Steemians (myself included) interested in working with the Tron community.

I am in the camp that thinks there is potential for our two communities to benefit by working together.

I still think partnership seems like an appropriate term for that, but I do 100% agree that it means nothing if the Steem community doesn’t want to go along with it (I feel I appropriately expressed that in my post).

Just because there are people wanting to team up and work together doesn’t mean we are in support of a forced situation that our community does not agree to.

Tim, to forward to you what I wrote in a post on the topic:

Goals should be based on utopian ideals, but our actions must be based on reality.

I feel my goals and actions are in alignment with that statement.

I do not doubt for one moment that you are thinking anything "evil", hell you have been one of the most important "devils advocates" in many a discussion out there to date.

I personally have learned a lot from you.

You know, as well as anyone else that in the business world there is little to no room for mistakes when it comes to take overs and that the vast majority of so called "partnerships" end up in the literal extinction of one of the two parties involved.

As you know all too well, the blockchain is at question here and that is our primary concern as Witnesses.

All tokens, no matter if they be a series of 101 ones and zeros, or a 1001 ones and zeros, are not what makes the blockchain.

I learned that from reading and studying up on what many very experienced people out there have relayed in the past and tbh, one of those people was and is you.

Staying focused on the blockchain and the foundational role of a witness is priority #1.

If the blockchain is to perish because of some tokens that are on it, then we have failed in our primary responsibility as per our job description.

Go for it, Having the most used asset in Steem, should give Justin Sun a big enough incentive to come up with a win-win situation between Steem and Tron.

This move from Witnesses has little to do with Tron purchase but from the very justified misstrust over the use of the Ninja-mine that build over 4 years of Nedtard management. Do you think Ned properly explained Justin anything about the intended use of the Ninja-Mine? You're be very gullible if you think he did.

Do you think Ned properly explained Justin anything about the intended use of the Ninja-Mine? You're be very gullible if you think he did.

I highly doubt it

Partnership: one of the most overused term in crypto.

"Community partnership" literally has no guarantees at the end of the day. There is no contract. That's about as good as taking someone's word for it.