[Security Update!] - All witnesses please update ASAP (Steem-in-a-box is ready to go)steemCreated with Sketch.

As per the recent security announcement from Steemit, Steem-in-a-box is now updated.

The vulnerability DOES NOT allow for funds to be stolen, remote code execution, or anything else extremely serious. Please do not spread FUD.

To update your witness node with Steem-in-a-box:

cd ~/steem-docker
./run.sh install
./run.sh restart

To update your full node (RPC Node):

cd ~/your-rpc
./run.sh install_full
./run.sh restart

No replay is required for this update. It is advised to install this update ASAP to protect your server from going offline.

Verify you've updated:

./run.sh wallet
>>> about
"server_steem_revision": "2ee5160c9522f92a38d22dbef0062db766751fa4",
"server_fc_revision": "8dd1fd1ec0906509eb722fa7c8d280d59bcca23d"

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hey mate,

pardon if this is a bit off topic, though someone recommended I contact the witnesses to share a large-scale idea I posted about today to advance Steem’s development, and aiming to get the idea out in front of some power-players who might be able to run with it:

The $1 Billion Steem Development Fund: How Steemit Inc.'s Stake Could Be Best Allocated To Grow A Thriving Network Of Applications And Users...

would be great if you could have a read, and IF you feel it’d be a great idea that’d serve the community, forward to anyone in particular you know who might be in a position of influence to advance the discussion.

not sure who exactly would be in charge of exploring such possibilities and making decisions to implement initiatives like this, though as you’re one of the top witnesses, might be reasonable to expect you’d know - and would be awesome if you could help to pass this along, should you feel inclined.



So witnesses actually code and update Steemit??

Some people do, most don't.

A large amount of the steemit.com code is done by Steemit Inc. staff.

Most witnesses work on their own individual projects, for example I built AnonSteem, Steem-in-a-box, and steemfeed-js.

If you need help with developing sth, maybe i can be of help ;) Thanks for the post, will vote you for witness

I think I have a nwe understanding

I think you have a newt understanding.

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Good stuff to get it fixed and keep steem strong.

very good support and help

I have set myself the target to become a witness in the next weeks - I have not fully checked what I have to do but I just want to experiment and give it a try.

I actually didn't know about this, so now you have me interested!

Thank you for the post.. updated 3 hours ago.. all servers up and running without a problem.. the docker option is great!!

Great post and I voted

@someguy123, good information, i didnt know about this before. i found it to be useful, thanks again

@someguy123 , Thanks Buddy . Thanks a lot .

Thanks for the post just told my friend to update!

voted and followed :)

keep going good work!

greetings :)

good post, I like your post ..

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thank you, keep on steemit.

wao that's sound nice and educating

Wao. I am feeling nice and educating from reading your comment.

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Thanks for this update
Cryptocurrencies are inherently global and do not operate in terms of borders.Right now btc and steemit is attracting a lot of youth across the world.this has been my message since monday to date.show some love by voting and comment.....steemit for live

will like if you follow back thank you

Don't do it someguy! It's a TRAP! Aaaaaahhhhh!!!

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I don't have much knowledge about witnesses. Why witnesses need this code? Do they have like a server that always online?

Yes. They do.


wow, awesome!!!!

This post is really useful, thank you very much for this update.
We hope that there are no problems and that everything is fine.
Steemit is a great platform and really deserves to work at its best.

And here I wanted to go to bed... Let's go do what a witness does best: update his/her node!

very interesing. thanks for sharing @someguy123 :)

Great post! It's very well written! :)

thanks for the update @someguy123

This post is extremely helpful, We trust that there are no issues and that all is well. Steemit is an incredible stage and truly should work taking care of business. much thanks for this refresh.

very helpful post.. upvoted and resteemed

My wife's account was hacked, and her funds were stolen! She is currently working with support..

very good information and useful and needed. good luck always for us.

Good information ... I was very interesting and I always wait for information from you
Thanks @someguy123

Sorry I dont understand :( how and why would I do this?

I believe this is for witnesses only.

you can learn more about witnesses here:


Thank you for the post, I liked your records, you are a professional of your business. Thank you very much. You have tossed so much useful information thank you, I wish you luck on steemit

Fantastic and interesting post friend congratulations greetings

this is my first time of hearing this. Many a times I've had difficulty logging in to my account. I get it now

It makes feel good that even something that is huge as steem, is still open source. Thank god for steem

very informative post

Well good to know it is not something serious.

Thanks for the update.

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Not surprise that steemit is not 100% secure from hacking because nothing is guaranteed. However, security measures still need to be in place, at least ones as the platform is rolled because members have invested time and $ and effort on this platform. Providing members with a long-string password doesn’t guaranteed superb security. It might reduce the risk yet not totally secure as innovative hacking programs and hackers are flooding the internet, which is in itself a gateway to all kind of data. Double-edged sword, no pain no gain.

I like what you do and have just put you on my witness list:-)
Have a great day:-)

Thank you very much for this update.

Followed your instructions, verification failed in my case.

  "blockchain_version": "0.19.2",
  "client_version": "v0.19.2-41-g2ee5160",
  "steem_revision": "2ee5160c9522f92a38d22dbef0062db766751fa4",
  "fc_revision": "8dd1fd1ec0906509eb722fa7c8d280d59bcca23d",
  "server_steem_revision": "1ad862ef3132b9cfcba63ca823f7c3391c0f8580",
  "server_fc_revision": "5cfcb5c0d6ee6ba1acbb40d9de49effc25daf74f"

Do I have to go for a rebuild?

@someguy123 I know this isn't the place for it, but my friend tried to make an account on Anon Steem yesterday and he sent you 0.1999 LTC by accident, it was supposed to be 0.2 LTC. The Anon Steem site went down and the account wasn't created, probably because the amount was wrong. He emailed you and tried to contact you on Steemit chat, I was wondering if you'd be able to get in touch and help him out?

Thanks for witness update providing....i appreciate this security.
carry on my dear.......

As per the recent security announcement from Steemit

Could you provide a little more information regarding the announcement, please.

Hello @someguy123

This is such an important update that no one who truly care about steem ecosystem would want to miss.

Ever since I learnt of importance of voting witnesses, I not only voted for up to 26 witnesses, I did a post informing my followers of what I learnt about voting for witness. And a lot of people have been contacting me to guide them on how to vote for witnesses.

Of course, I will be coming up with a scheme that will encourage people to vote for witnesses and I will duly inform the community when I am through.

With this piece, you have not only earned my witness vote but also those of my community @euronation.

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@eurogee, the Steemivangelist and the founder of @euronation Newbie's Support Team

Good post, very informative. Thanks

Mine looks looks like yours

Update successful
Thanks for the heads up.

@cryptwo is all updated and ready to go

As always, thanks for the update and continued support @someguy123!

I had a vibe that the steem blockchain would be targeted by scams, hacks and fraudsters.

siempre hay que prevenirse! cuidarse de los hacker! excelentes recomendaciones.

Amazing post. Though I'm just a new steemian. Wouldn't mind if your next post talks about enlightenment to the newbies of the system so as to make the system captivating for us. #Anticipating

Hey mate, I recently removed the vast majority of my witness votes (including yours) when I heard there was a push from the top 20 to intervene in the SBD market. Assuming SBD and STEEM were to remain stable otherwise; manipulative action would reduce my income by 75%, costing me more than $200 000 over the next year.

Where do you stand on this issue?

i am witnesses actually code and update Steemit??

I updated my serverwitness update.jpg

I am waiting for your support, mister

Hey, who you callin' mister?

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Thanks for the post

Please I get this error what can I do

connection error: desc = "transport: dial unix /var/run/docker/containerd/docker-containerd.sock: connect: connection refused": unknown
[email protected]:~/steem-docker#