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RE: A fundamental change to my witness voting behavior

well this is very timely...

We have just today launched our witness server @swisswitness

if you still would have some votes left over we would appreciate them... We are starting this project because we believe in Steem and the future of this blockchain.
The three of us are meaning to continue blogging (@felander and @wolfje) and interacting with the community while @sirwries will probably be mostly focused on maintaining the server and developing tools to make it possible to analyse the blockchain data.

Any and all votes are welcome and I applaud you having the guts to move away from this "small elite club" that just vote for eachother and make it impossible for smaller initiatives to launch and make it in the top 20.

thanks in advance for anyone that chooses to support us in our first hours


I've added my vote for you! Good luck. :)