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  We are continually working on bringing and the reintroduction of tools and apps that were used on Steem before the chain split. While there is still a lot of work to do, it is of the utmost importance to provide more ways to allow and facilitate the interaction of users with the chain. Not everyone might need such additions, but it is undoubtedly a factor that will increase the overall usability and utility of the Steem blockchain as a whole. It is also important to note that we are currently prioritizing services that are not provided by other POs on Steem, which is the reason why we shifted our focus from some ideas that we shared before.

  Before we get to the crux of the matter, we would like to thank everyone who helped us decide which domain to use, in addition to a few aspects of the project.


  dPolls is an app that allows users to create accounts or stack-based polls on the Steem blockchain. It uses the Steem posts as questions (polls), and the comments (replies) as answers or votes. Needless to say, that the votes need to be cased directly on to be counted in the final results of the polls.

  The concept of dPolls is not something new on the Steem blockchain. The first version of the app was firstly presented an experimental application on the top of the STEEM blockchain by @emrebeyler,(1) and the whole idea was catalyzed thanks to a former project which focused on rewarding open-source projects and individual contributions on the steem blockchain (@utopian-io).(2) Furthermore, we are more than happy now to take care of the project and maintain it for the Steem community, we are also going to follow the steps of the genesis ethic by rewarding whoever is willing to contribute to the project besides the Symbionts team.

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dPolls logo

How can I create a poll on dPolls?

  • You can start by clicking on Register if you do not have an account. If you already have an account on Steem, you can directly click on login, which will take you to Steemlogin to authorize the app (dPolls).


  • Once connected, click on Create Poll.


  • Write your question;
  • Put a description for your poll;
  • Add answers that people can vote for;
  • Add the proper tags;
  • Chose the time frame for you poll;
  • Define the distribution of rewards;
  • Check the multiple-choice box if you want to allow people to vote for more than on choice.
  • Then click on submit to push the poll on the blockchain. As per community request, all submitted polls will be directly posted in the dPolls community. However, we are planning to add the ability for people to post the polls as a blog if they wish (outside the dPolls community). You can join the dPolls community from here.


What should I do to participate in a poll?

  • First and foremost, the votes need to be cast on to be counted. You can easily access the poll page just by clicking on the link at the bottom of the poll on Steemit. It will directly take you to the polling page to cast your vote(s).


  • Now that you are on dPolls and connected, simply cast your vote(s).


  • The result will be displayed at the bottom.


Now let us go back to Steemit.


  • That is it! Simple and easy, is it not?

Additional information

  • dPolls, the project, is automatically setting 5% to dPolls as beneficiary. We decided to keep that value, considering that the resources we are investing in so far are starting to build up pretty quickly.
  • Another post will be posted inside the dPolls community, which will focus more on providing a comprehensive FAQ for the Steem community.
  • If you want to support the project, feel free to delegate to @dpolls.

    50SP | 100SP | 250SP | 500SP | 1000SP | 10000SP

Stay tuned! More things are coming!

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The Symbionts Team,




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