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RE: Witness Update - Running my own softfork (22.3)

One thing Tron can do to defuse the situation regarding governance and the competence of their stake to effect it at will is the airdrop to Tron stakeholders that has been mentioned by @justinsunsteemit. While Tron stakeholders might be voting en bloc, that is not the same threat one stakeholder is. Restricting the rights of airdrop recipients does not make sense to me. Frankly, I'd love to see it happen, because even without the Founder's stake, Steem is too centralized.

In the event Tron does airdrop all or part of it's massive stake, would you be willing to drop your permanent abstention from witness voting on airdropped stake? I do think that would be appropriate.



I am unsure. It is a good question and I will have to think about it.