cloh76.witness Update 10/29/17 - Excitement for things to come

Hello My Fellow Steemit Community Members,

It has been a couple of weeks since my last update. Since I'm just getting back into the game, I don't have many updates this week. I do however have a few projects in the works that I am excited about that I hope to be able to share with everyone in the next few weeks.

My Witness is currently using the following parameters.

  • Running version v0.19.2
  • 65535 block size
  • 0.05% SBD interest (however I plan on raising this to 1% in the next few hours)
  • 0.200 steem creation fee

Currently my Witness is ranked 114 (hopefully with your help I can gain a few more votes and increase my rank) and I have not missed any blocks. My primary and backup witness nodes have been working without any issues thanks to the @privex team and @someguy123.

Other Updates:

The Steemit PH community continues to thrive and has more then tripled in size. Although I have not been as active in the community due to some personal things I had to take care of, the members of @SteemPH have been working just as diligently to continue growing the discord server and the various projects that the community has been involved in. Now that I again have more free time, I plan on being more involved and active. For those not aware, there will be another set of PH Meetups in the first and second week of November. I am hoping that my schedule will allow me to attend.

I have now also joined the Austin Steemit community and hope I can be a contributing and Active member within that group.

As I mentioned earlier. I am working on a couple of big ticket (at least in my definition of the word) projects that will hopefully help minnows and members of the Steemit community grow as well as support projects that other witnesses and community leaders are currently working on. I look forward to sharing those updates with everyone in the week's to come.

That's it for this week. Next week I will have a little bit more to share as I get my projects kicked off.

How to vote?
  • Use the witness page
  • scroll down the page until you see the vote box below and enter cloh76.witness
  • click VOTE and accept my Appreciation and Gratitude!


Good stuff, looking forward to seeing what the projects are.

I'm excited to share them. I'll keep you posted

Welcome back Chris...looking forward to your future projects :)

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@originalworks sorry running low in SP will upvote... voted you as witness stay being awesome. Are you pinoy by the way? Just curious I can see the Philppine flag in your picture. sorry for the silly question just had to ask.

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