cloh76.witness Update 11/12/17 - Another week of Learning, adapting, and helping others

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Hello My Fellow Steemit Community Members,

This week's update will be somewhat short. A lot of my time has been spent fine tuning and deploying one of the few projects I am working on. Starting with a few updates regarding my Witness server/node.

Due to the increased memory requirements, my witness ended up missing 4 blocks. Because of this, I have upgraded to a 32GB Server. Currently my witness is disabled to prevent anymore missed blocks as @someguy123 and the @privex team migrates everything another node which has more capacity. I expect the Witness node to be back up soon and back to normal operation.

My Witness is currently setup for the following parameters:

  • Running version v0.19.2
  • 65536 block size
  • 1% SBD interest (increased from my previous setting of 0.05%)
  • 0.200 steem creation fee

My current rank is 115 and I'm hoping that I can be operational again soon to continue climbing that ladder.

Other updates for this week:

  • I have written a couple of guides geared towards new and in-experienced programmers on how to code bots using javascript for Discord. Because I myself am new to programming, I wanted to share the learnings I am fortunate to be taught as I learn them. In a way, it allows me to pass on knowledge and learn together with other people who are interested in learning this skillset.

You can see my two posts which have been created and posted using utopiaon-io using the following links:

  1. Guide to Creating a Discord Auto Upvote Bot for MS Windows using JavaScript
  2. Guide and Introduction to Building a Basic Bot for Discord using JavaScript

What is unique about these posts beside the fact that they are geared towards newbies is that they are also directed towards windows users. Since most coders and programmers prefer Linux/Ubuntu, I thought it would be good to figure out and adapt the instructions and code for a windows user - basically users who aren't experienced or strong in programming. I hope community members find my series of posts as I progress helpful. Nothing better then learning together and sharing the wealth of knowledge that is provided by the Steemit community.

  • The UpvotePH bot for the Steemit PH community seems to be working well. I am hoping to delegate some more SP to this bot soon in order to increase the support it provides for the PH community and those who are members of the Steemit PH Discord Server. There are so many deserving content creators who could use the support and visibility. Feel free to visit the Steemit PH Discord Server and join the fun.

  • The final update I have for this week is just a heads up on another project I'm working on. I have already drafted what I want it to look like and how it should work. Most of my time is spent trying to figure out how to code it. It is a bot for the entire steemit community and hopefully when released, is something unique from all the other community support bots out there. I wish I could share more details, but I want to be the first - hopefully I am when I actually am able to get it deployed. Stay tuned for more!

That is about all of the updates I have for this week. Please continue to check out my updates and let me know if there is anything you want to see or partner on.

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  • scroll down the page until you see the vote box below and enter cloh76.witness
  • click VOTE and accept my Appreciation and Gratitude!


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