cloh76.witness Update 12/9/17 - Bitcoin Madness and Happy Holidays

Hello My Fellow Steemit Community Members,

This week has been a crazy week in the world of Cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin unexpectedly surpassed and broke so many record high's this past week and seems to be calming down a bit. I myself never had any doubts that BTC would hit the 10K mark within the year, however I did not expect it to hit and surpass the 12K mark for at least another 6 months. Even crazier, I didn't think it would get anywhere near 18K-20K until later in the year to next year.

Anyways - I was in for the long haul on most of the growth so I'm happy to say that I can use some of the earnings from my BTC and altcoin earnings over the past week to help fund some of the Steemit projects I continue to work on.

My Witness is currently setup for the following parameters:

  • Running version v0.19.2
  • 65536 block size
  • 1% SBD interest (increased from my previous setting of 0.05%)
  • 0.200 steem creation fee

My current rank is 119 (94 if you don't count the inactive witnesses above me) which means I lost a few places in my Full Rank and gained a few spots in my Active Rank. Rightfully so since I haven't been as active in the community as I would like to be the past couple of weeks. I'm still trying to find that sweet spot balancing my regular life responsibilities with my Steemit/Community responsibilities. This means newer more active witnesses continue to rise in ranks while I stay stagnant, which is understandable. I would like to Thank all of the users who continue to vote for me. Thank You for your continued support!


  1. Because of my inactivity, I don't have many updates this week. I have however, been working on material for a number of posts that I will start posting on my @cloh76 account. Two weeks ago I posted about my Black Friday and Cyber Monday Haul, so you should be seeing a number of posts reviewing all the various stuff that I bought. Hopefully they will be informative enough to help you in case you plan on purchasing some similar items.

  2. The Metro Manila Yearender happened on December 3rd as planned and was a great success. I was not able to attend in person, but I did join via Facebook Live and Video Conference and enjoyed it. You can see various posts about the event by visiting the @steemph page HERE. The next event in line is the Cebu Meetup/Convention on Sunday December 17th.

  3. I was recently nominated and honored to become a member of @sndbox thanks to @bearone. as a potential contributor and participant in this initiative, I'm hoping to be able to extend my support to more communities as well as gain more visibility and support for the existing communities that I support.

  4. For my last update, I am happy and proud to announce the creation of @WhaleSong. This is a bot based off of the @randowhale code that I hope will one day become an asset to the Steemit community. It is a pay-for-upvote bot, and although I know there are mixed feelings about them, I'm hoping that it will serve as a tool for community members to use (especially those who are new) to help get their content funded and noticed.

    The bot is not currently active, but I intend to officially launch it in the next few weeks. I want to make sure that it is working properly and like @buildawhale by @themarkymark, I want to make sure that it is profitable for everyone to use. I want to be able to guarantee all users at least some kind of profit no matter how much they pay.

    My plan is to delegate enough SP to get it started and set a low enough min/max payment threshold in order to ensure everyone gets a profitable vote from the bot. As the usage grows, all earnings will be used to continuously re-invest in the SP power of the bot so that it grows along with the community. As it grows, so will the min/max payouts from upvotes.

    I also plan to add an additional incentive allowing people to earn a more substantial 100% upvote from another bot I own through regular use of @WhaleSong. This is still a work in progress - coding this feature is not as easy as I would like - any help or suggestions would be appreciated.

Anyways. Thanks for taking the time to read and I hope everyone has a Happy Holiday!

As usual, if you have any Ideas, Questions, Comments, and Feedback - I would love to hear it. If you have the bandwidth and would like to support me or any of the communities and initiatives I am a part of, I would appreciate your vote for me as a witness.

How to vote?
  • Use the witness page
  • scroll down the page until you see the vote box below and enter cloh76.witness
  • click VOTE and accept my Appreciation and Gratitude!


Bitcoin madness indeed! Welcome to @sndbox, @cloh76!