for me you are like the one and only person that encouraged me to put 1000 usd in steem when was at a good discount i belive in you and i belive in steemit .

i voted 2 weeks ago can you vote again ? or how much times can you vote > how it works

You can set your vote for up to 30 witnesses. Once set, your vote is there forever (until you change it). So if you voted 2 weeks ago, that vote still counts. You can check your votes at

Any other user can do the same, but change to your own name after the @ (e.g.

man you are only 3 days old and you know this :) i had no ideea what else can you tell me , i can actualy pay for good information i never wanted sompting for free in live is better this way :)

I've read the white paper, the blue paper, and tons of guides from different witnesses, developers, etc. that are on Steemit.

I will be testing out the different user interfaces in the next week or two, alongside the rest of my research and analysis, and posting thoughts, discoveries, analysis, etc. every few days.

that is cool look that you have time , i just love that is not controled by evil people :)) like facebook i belive they went to mark and sad shut up , this is patriot act , you comply :))) and that was it

I spent all day yesterday reading everything I could since I don't work on Sundays.

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