A table with "proxied vsf votes" would be useful too. For example @proxy.token alone has enough power to move Yaba to top20.


Not sure I'm up to a 'who's got the biggest proxy' table, feel free :)


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I will add your post link to the first comment.

Great work. People should be reaching out to those on the above list that they know encouraging them to vote.
Some are quite active on Steem.

There are a few names I recognise and I've been contacting privately.

What we really need is mottler and val-b to wake up, but the wider community could find 5/6 mill also.

I knew you would have a list, nice work, I was going to dm you and ask for one


Those don't have a vote cast at all but I think there are more 'active' witness voters who could move around a little to support 21-50.

Yep for sure.

Any way the SPS could help us out? For instance, send SBD to a trusted community account to vote up witnesses that could be burned at a later date? Not sure how this would work.

I'm not sure how much is there at present and if it would make too much difference - 5/6m SP worth of VESTS is required.

There is a decent list of 50k+ account holders who aren't voting at all, or who could switch existing votes to the witnesses currently at 21/50 - I think we just need to wake a few people up!

It would be about 12,500 SP per day. Maybe the proposal could even be a call for decentralization and it goes to active Witness voters or something to spread it out so any one person wouldn’t get that much. I also think we need to weaponize the reward pool. Time for battle.

huh finally on one of your lists :)

i'm voting. putting my differences aside ..... for now

Thanks dude!

Not updated the list since before I went to bed last night, for now :)

Which 30 do I have to vote