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Please find the recording above. The first 55 min is talking with the new Steemit managing director @elipowell.

Then it's @yabapmatt, @followbtcnews, @therealwolf, @fredrikaa, and @llfarms.


Listening from YT now.

Hi, @aggroed!

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You are doing such a great job @aggroed. Thank you for helping to lead the Steem community - Your contributions (i.e. @steemmonsters), shows and interviews do a lot to raise awareness, understanding and confidence in the Steem community.

P.S. I'm so happy you are here to execute tasks @elipowell and I think @ned will do well as Steemit Inc.'s Chairman. Thank you, and please generate as much revenue (unrelated to the selling of Steem) as you can for @steemit 👍☺

Thanks for the recording @aggroed!


I have mentioned errors on @therealwolf's Portfolio Tracker project, and suggested that he include the Total USD worth of the accounts tracked, but @therealwolf hasn't replied to any of my comments, questions or feedback.

Is there an official way I can notify him of these errors, along with my suggestion?


  1. The Total Steem for accounts, doesn't calculate the Steem held in Savings.

  2. The automated screenshot feature is broken.

~ @chrisrice

I am still listening to the interview @elipowell but it looks like you are really bringing great things to @steemit Inc.

Keep going!

Highly rEsteemed!