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RE: Vote for 4 Weeks Power Down! Vote for @thecryptodrive Witness!

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Dear @thecryptodrive

Our common friend @lanzjoseg mentioned about your publication in his latest post. So I decided to read your reasons to support idea of cutting power down time short. From 13th to 4 weeks only.

This proposal was well received with over 21 Million SP of community support.

Oh wow. That's bloody impressive. Would you mind telling me how does it work? Since you received such a support - where does those funds end up and how do you manage them? I presume you cannot sell it, right? (I only hope so :)

Will that change (of shortening power down time) cost that much? It's just a bit shocking (since it's over 2mln usd).

I hope I'm not making an idiot out of myself (i just never learned about steem proposal system and I'm not sure how does it work).

Anyway back to main story: I really value all the work you've been doing here on steem blockchain buddy. Seriously. I started my adventure here having some conflict with you - however I've learned to value and respect you.

I suppored you with vote for witness from my account and @project.hope (I'm not sure if delegated SP counts while voting on witness

Yours, Piotr


Dear Piotr, I appreciate your comment and appreciation. Basically the way I did this proposal was set it to be funded only 1 SBD per day and set the beneficiary as the steem dao meaning funds get returned, basically I'm just using the proposal system as a poll to gauge user sentiment for the idea and has no monetary gain.

The 21 Mil SP is merely the amount of SP behind the people who vote for this change, think of it as shareholders voting for a change in a meeting 21 mil of participating shareholders vote for the 4 week powerdown change.