Thanks so much! How can i improve sbdpotato so you can like it better?

Honestly? Keep it off the trending page. Outsiders who are checking out steemit for the first time should see good interesting content. Not side projects. Maybe get some of your whales to upvote smaller accounts. Even 5 and 6 % votes make a difference to a minnow.

I agree with what @davedickeyyall said @thecryptodrive. Steemit should be about good quality content making trending pages, and as important as pegging the SBD back to $1 maybe, I don't feel it needs to be trending. Whale upvotes could be better served finding and upvoting hard working minnows.

I love the idea of a 4 week PD and I'll be adding you to me witness list. Thanks for all the hard work you've been doing.