Review Your Witness Votes ~ Setup a Witness Vote Proxy ~ Let’s Get Our Top 20 Witnesses Back in place!!

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I am pretty sure most of you have caught wind of what is currently happening to the blockchain. Someone :cough: Justin Sun :cough: placed his own witnesses into the top 20 witness spots. Those witnesses were not voted on by the community but were placed there by a liar and a cheat in an attempt to take over the blockchain. He lied to exchanges (Poloniex, Binance and Houbi) and most likely bribed the exchanges to use their users Steem to vote witnesses by setting Witness Vote Proxy to an account of his choosing. If this isn’t playing dirty I don’t know what is. The dirt bag also expressed on Twitter that the blockchain was hacked??? By who??? Are you pleading guilty Justin?? We are dealing with a snake here and we need to all come together and get this problem taken care of by reviewing and changing your witness votes, in order to get our Top 20 Witnesses back into the top 20


A handful of witnesses I was voting for were not in the top 20 nor were they even active. So I took the 10 minutes and changed my witness votes here >> << Then I went to my alt accounts and set my main account as the vote proxy. That way all of my accounts will be voting for witnesses. I may not agree 100% with the community voted top 20 but when someone tries to ruin what we have all works hard for, it’s time to set that aside and get shit done!! If you trust me or trust another Steemian that you know votes for witnesses, set them as a witness voting proxy for your account. This ensures that your stake is being used for witness voting.

To set another user as a Witness Voting proxy go to - scroll down and click on Acount Details


Then click on the Change Witness Proxy button and fill in the username without the “@“ symbol with the user you would like to make your proxy. Your Active Key is required but I trust and @steemchiller... been using his services for a long time.


So get out there and help the community and let’s get our witnesses back where they belong... in the top 20

Last I heard Binance and Houbi have removed their witness votes but there is still some shady stuff going on. If any of this info is not 100% correct feel free to let me know and I will make the correct changes.

Until Next Time...

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