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RE: Vote for 4 Weeks Power Down! Vote for @thecryptodrive Witness!

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I understand you are campaigning again and respect it, but why attach the whole thing to the powerdown, it’s completeley unrelated.

I would like to vote for witnesses that work at the same rate whether in the top 20 or not. Do the work (and pos about it) and trust votes will come.

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My three biggest initiatives these last few months have been the power down proposal, fixing the SBD peg and the paycent Steem debit card. The power down initiative still needs a bit more of a push hence why I bundled them together. I also figured it was the most well supported of my initiatives with 21 mil SP voting for it on the DAO, that was my reasoning really.

At the end of the day if they don’t support the 4 week powerdown people can still vote for me because they like sbdpotato or the debit card or any of the BuildTeam services such as dlease, tokenbb, ginabot etc.