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RE: Witness update from @c0ff33a ☕️ Power Up and vote your true top twenty

in #witness9 months ago

I took back my votes to support our top witnesses, you and Witty are the only ones I couldn't unvote. :)

I can imagine how frustrating this might feel, after all the work and effort you guys have put over the years and I'm sure you'll get many of the votes back.


Thank you very much, it is difficult to see my position keep dropping - but it’s for our blockchain what would it all be worth if it is taken over and turned into something we don’t want. With our top twenty we choose who is there and they make decisions and advise of plans. The imposters is just one person wanting to dictate what happens and choose how they want the blockchain to suit them. I’m hopefully once it is all sorted people will still remember little old me.

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