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Hi @pharesim

I think you're right and I'm going to go review my votes now. Unfortunately that means I might have to remove you as one of my witnesses, to try and help the closest one to getting back in the top 20 but I'll try not to. I have always kept my vote for you through thick and thin after you paid for the steemfest 3 ticket I won in your comp, for which I'm eternally grateful.

I think we were debating in the pal MSP last night? 😆 it is all a bit of a blur as I was pissed both metaphorically and literally (I'd had a few drinks and was upset at the whole situation).

Spent all afternoon writing and researching a post about all this BS. In the article I challenge justin sun to an AMQ (answer my questions) on #steem... like an AMA but better!

I also detail the PR techniques he is using through his lies, dissemination and delay tactics as I used to work in PR. I posted it on both steempeak & medium for extra reach.


Don't worry, I stopped watching who votes for my witness years ago ;)
Also I don't hold grudges for discussions. All good, thanks for your engagement!

Also I don't hold grudges for discussions. All good, thanks for your engagement!

Cool. I just went to sort out my witness votes and didn't realize how many I had set to people who had shut down nodes or weren't really active doing much. Plus, like I said I had to remove some I would have liked to keep but tactically they were better put to use helping to push the people near the top 20 further toward that goal. Similarly I ended up voting tactical to someone who I really don't like what they stand for and the way they've behaved in the past... but at the moment getting control back is more important.

Ended up with 9 votes to cast after the great witness cull of 2020 lol

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