And @charlieshrem is a top witness out of nowhere

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@ned vote

@dan @dantheman vote

others including Steemit employees with enough power to re-arrange list how they want

While many dedicated people struggling for month to make it top 30 @charlieshrem is supported by Steemit and made it in 15 minutes

I did not even spotted his witness thread and it looks like organized vote party

Waiting for @steemit to vote on

Your votes do not count do not vote for witness


Comment by Transparency

With great power come great responsibility


I didn't even know Charlie was running. Much as I like and support the guy this seems to be really fast.

It might look better for the overall image of Steemit if the team members themselves don't vote for witnesses (except in emergencies) or else it just plays into the hands of the anti-Steemit brigade who will cry collusion and favouritism.

it's like a game of chess. dan and ned have more information than everyone else to know what is best for steemit, that's why steemit is in beta, so fast changes can get made just like that :)

Reverse campaign

Ned, Dan, James, about perpetuating the Steemit circlejerk... This is absolutely pathetic.

It is perfectly legitimate that people with a large amount of SP vote for whoever they want to. It is the main benefit of holding SP - being able to influence the site the way you want. Whether you agree or disagree with how they are using their vote is one thing, but it is their vote to do with as they wish with.

Also, it sounds like there was a lot of conversation behind the scenes before the voting took place. Plus, he is a well known member of the community that has high popularity. If @dollarvigilante ran, he would probably skyrocket to the top too (because he is popular).

Why is it pathetic? They are looking out for the long term growth of the site. Which will only benefit all of us. Having a voice and face like Shrem involved can only help...

Is that what being a witness is all about? If you ask those who have been around for a while they would tell you no, witness are witnesses because they provide reliable block signing. Has Charlie proven that? No. He actually had all of those votes before his server even signed its first block. THAT is what's pathetic about this whole situation.

Will as a whole be better off or worse off in the long run having Charlie as a witness? I think it can only be good as far as promoting the site geos...

The purpose of a witness is to guarantee the integrity of the Steemit Platform. Not to be cool or promote it. Just by being on Steemit and making thousands a post is is being cool and promoting Steemit. Being a witness is a totally different thing.
The other major issue is that someone can be witness without any community support or even notice. Just out of nowhere, BAM he's in. That seems opposite of what the witness protocol ought to be.

I'm new with the witness thing, are you still running? I looked in the list and didn't see you.
But if you are you've got my vote, I just need to know what you want me to put in the box.
There is a sea change coming and I'd like you guys who care most about the platform to be part of it.

Ask yourself: why do they want him as "Ambassador" and witness? He's popular. He will bring more people to Steemit. That's why. Anything wrong with that? Life is a struggle in many ways. When someone unpopular goes up against someone who is popular, the popular person has more supporters and will usually win. The cult of personality effect is strong. That's how many people do things. Popularity attracts people. His popularity will attract people to Steemit. Steemit Inc. wants popular people to help make Steemit popular. It's part of marketing Steemit and making it more successful. Does it make more sense to you now?

As for "don't vote for witnesses". Why don't you tell people not to vote for any posts as well? The witness list works the same way as posts. It works with SP. Upvotes for posts works with SP. Telling people not to vote is a bit short sighted.


He can be 'ambassador' without being a witness its totally different
Problem is that Steemit Inc. can arrange witness list how they want with single click and push forks, updates community do not support.
Read this:

Yup, I have already read those. Thanks for the suggestion. I don't dispute people who have high SP can skew things in their favor. It works for witnesses and upvote payouts. As I mentioned, they have their reason why they are upvoting Shrem, because it's in their interest to do so for Steemit. I don't have to like it either ;)

A comment i left on his post regarding witness:

A few days ago I hired @garethnelsonuk as a full time engineer. Gareth was the co-founder & CTO of BitInstant and is a full stack engineer. Under he has build our high functioning markdown editor and our steem witness.

You sir, are full of shit. is running a free, opensource script that you mearely cloned from is an exact copy of the examples page.

If that is why you hire a developer, i'm your man as well!

I want Charlie Sherm as president 0f the U.S. forget STEEMIT! ;)
& all honesty, I am proud to have Charlie here on Steemit and now as a Witness, Congrats!

This totally freaks me out. A big part of what I invest in when I put time and money into something like this is the project's leadership. I have so far, on the whole, been very pleased with steemit in this regard. But no matter how you slice it, a move like this looks like piss poor leadership.

I do trust that Shrem will make a reliable and competent witness (and he has certainly been given enough of this site's money to afford high quality equipment) but voting him into a position of such responsibility before he has proven himself a reliable and competent witness is total bullshit.

Official @steemit account is not going to revoke it's voting rights!
Source: SteamSpeak


Look guys. It is a free market. Steemit so far is no different from the real world. Most of you get sour because you think that Steemit is "anarchic" or "decentralised". It is not. Steemit so far is inherited plutocracy.

Deal with it.

Almost like it's political or something

Look where we are all trending??? Instead of finding a way to freedom we are again going backwards. Trying to get help from white collar corruption. It is all whom you know and how much you have in your wallet...not how long you know and how your personality is. Amazed!!!

Charlie did accept the fact that he asked one by one every witness. Some said "Yes" and some said "No".

Thanks for the info