@jerrybanfield's Witness Has Retired. Time To Vote For Someone Else! My Thoughts And Why To Vote For My Witness.

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So 6 days ago @jerrybanfield announced he has retired his witness server. He stated that he just wasn't inspired to carry on running it and specifically wants other witnesses to receive the money he would have received - which is best for Steem in general. Kudos for his honesty!

You can listen to Jerry's resignation video here:

With that in mind, there are still many Steemians voting for Jerry's witness who are essentially wasting their vote as his witness server is disabled.

jerry witness
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By voting for active witnesses who maintain an interest in the Steem blockchain, you are helping ensure that improvements come to Steem and that those involved have the interests of the blockchain in mind and heart.

As a Steem witness myself, I suggest you take the time to review some of the witness options that are available, what the issues are and why it is is a good idea to vote for some and not others. I am not about to start a political argument here, but some witnesses demonstrate no real intent to help grow Steem and are really just here to create a form of 'passive income' - while others are very involved with helping Steem to grow on a daily basis in a variety of ways. I suggest supporting the latter.

Why vote for @ura-soul?

If you are interested, you can read my original witness application there here and some of my later witness updates here.

I have a professional background that combines software engineering for investment banks with running social network websites, being an activist for global, holistic balance and many other fun things! I feel I have a great position to be able to make inspired choices for the Steem blockchain when the moment arises. I also run the Steem Ocean website that provides useful stats for Steemians.

I am currently in the process of setting up a second high specification witness server, that will acta as a backup and which will ensure my ability to provide a great witness service is greatly increased. More to come on that soon.

If you have any questions for me as a witness, just ask in the comments below. Thanks!

High SP Voters Currently voting for Jerry


Wishing you well,

Ura Soul

Vote @ura-soul for Steem Witness!

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(Witnesses are the computer servers that run the Steem Blockchain.
Without witnesses there is no Steem, Steemit, DTube, Utopian or
Busy... You can really help Steem by making your 30 witness votes count!
Don't forget, there are more than the 50 witnesses you see on the witness voting page in steemit.com)

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I run a social network too!


Wow... I am counted as a high SP? LOL... anyway. I have some spare votes left. and here is a tool to check who are the inactive witnesses you vote.

I may tag you in a simular post in the next day or 2 if you have a couple spare witness votes laying around if that is ok.

@freedom has a lot of voting power proxied to @pumpkin.

Indeed, yes - thought I don't know if they are actually 2 people or 1.

I’m not sure, they are very mysterious and only interested in investment returns from bots.

Thanks for application witness. I gave witness vote for you sir.

I hope people begin removing their vote from @jerrybanfield

I also added my vote for @ura-soul for announcing Jerry's departure and posting his video.


Sad to know he is living.
I have a friend who will hate to see him leave.