We can do it, act quickly.

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Yes, the damage is done and I am not sure if we can ever recover from this, but let's not go down without a fight!

Our illusion that the DPOS system of steem enables actual decentralization is shattered now and we had to learn it the hard way.
Any billionaire can come in any time and pervert our consensus mechanism in the blink of an eye. Money is able to overthrow it all, as long as there is 1/3 of liquid steem on exchanges.
But we don't have to go down without a fight. I crunched the numbers and we can easily get our witnesses back in the top 20.
All we have to do is unvote all witnesses who are currently not in rank 21-51 and instead vote for witnesses 21-51. It will easily be enough to get our witnesses back. (yes, it sucks for the other witnesses who are lower than 51 but this is an emergency)
Then, our witnesses have a small window to push a fork. If they miss this small window, Jsun will just power up another 5million steem and we will likely not be able to ever regain the chain.

We as a community did countless activities together to get steem listed on different exchanges, or to flood twitter posts of exchanges to get awareness. We won several times. And we can win again.

Resteem this and go check your witnesses right now. If we as a community do this together we will get the chain back in our hands.

To illustrate my point, here it is. We are not that far away from consensus:


Just vote for the witnesses 21-51 with all your votes! We have to do it quickly or he will smell it.

Do it quickly, because he already knows and powered up another 2000 MVESTs:


You can change your witnesses on steemworld.org by using the keychain addon
You can see the top20 witnesses here: https://steem.arcange.eu/witnesses/

While writing this, Matt and Roland are top1 and top2 again! DON'T vote for "witnesses without pictures" to not confuse the sun witnesses. They have no pictures. They are just bot accounts.


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