What would a world of complementarity of sexes be like?

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I believe that every thing is balanced by an equal and opposite energy. That man is because woman is. Woman is, because man is.

Sexes are not the same. To compare them that way would be to undermine natures abilities given specially to people due to their sex but if these abilities are combined and equal opportunities allowed for all, then they would compliment each each for the better good of all.

On average, women are more intelligent than men. However, in general, the most intelligent man is more intelligent than the most intelligent woman and the dumbest man is dumber than the dumbest woman with the Gaussian curve for men skewed slightly towards the dumb end of the spectrum. It is one of the reasons why men are over represented both in politics and in prisons and under represented at home and church congregations.
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In general, men are successful in complex environments because they are also blessed with the infinite ability for making rush decisions. On the contrary, females have qualities far superior to those of men; physiologically and psychologically. That is why they even live longer. They have all our good traits ;the greatest of which is conscientiousness. It enables them make high quality decisions, and they are good in managerial positions.

True gender equality advocacy.

In my experience, many feminists are considered loud societal wreckers. While this complaint is understandable, as a society, we need to understand that for a sex that has been marginalized for centuries, you may need to make some noise for get attention on your concerns.

However, whenever you see men over represented in a particular field than women, it does not necessarily imply that women are being discriminated against.Sometimes its because more men are physically suited for say mining work.

The feminist conversation should be about helping those women that choose to join those 'manly' fields to give their best while there and to have more women join them not forgetting, the men being in support of their efforts

The conversation should never be about blaming men for keeping women out or about turning women into men. It should exclusively be about getting more women in, combining the strengths of both sexes to build better societies because to be frank, we are both shit without each other.

What a better society would look like

Providing women and girls with equal rights in regards to accessing health facilities, work, education and equal representation politically and economically education, health care, decent work, and representation in politically and economically, the general quality of life improves in our countries and this benefits not only us as a society but also humanity at large.


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