Frequent Urination In Women: Symptoms,Causes, and Treatment

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Frequent Urination In Women: Symptoms,Causes, and Treatment

Frequent urination in women is nowadays very common and very sensitive problem. Sometimes women use to ignore the frequent urination but it is seriously harmful to you. Because this problem may further lead to infection in a bladder and sometimes it may also create bladder stone which is very painful and sometimes you have to go through a surgery also. Let us study more about Frequent Urination In Women: Symptoms, Causes, and Treatment. Nocturia is sometimes very disturbing because you have to get up in between your sleep. There are some physiological as well as hormonal changes that lead to the problems that are related to Frequent urination in women. So you should always consult with your doctor.

What causes frequent Urination In Women?

Urinary tract infection
A tract infection Urinary tract infection (UTI) could be a common reason behind frequent voiding. This happens once bacterium enters the bladder through the channel. It’s calculable that fifty to sixty % of girls can expertise a minimum of one UTI in their lives. tierce of girls can expertise one before the age of twenty-four that’s severe enough to want antibiotics.

Women area unit additional in danger for a UTI than men as a result of their channel is shorter. bacterium have less distance to travel before they will infect the track and cause symptoms.

Common risk factors for a Urinary tract infection UTI include:

1.Not staying hydrous

  1. Holding your pee for prolonged periods of your time or not absolutely evacuation your bladder
  2. Vaginal irritation and inflammation
  3. Improper wiping (going from back to front) once victimization the restroom, which can expose the channel to an E.coil bacterium
  4. Sexual intercourse, which may introduce bacterium into the track
  5. Changes within the structure of the urogenital system, like throughout gestation
  6. Chronic medical issues, like a polygenic disease, that have an effect on the system.

Overactive bladder

A hyperactive bladder is another common reason behind frequent voiding. in step with the yank Urological Association, Associate in Nursing calculable thirty-three million Americans have Associate in Nursing hyperactive bladder. This affects regarding forty % of all ladies. a hyperactive bladder is sometimes a group of symptoms which will cause frequent voiding as a result of hyperactive bladder muscles. Common symptoms of Frequent Urination In Women include:

1.Urinary urgency, or the fast urge to urinate, typically leading to leaks

  1. Nocturia, or the necessity to urinate a minimum of 2 or additional times an evening
  2. Urinary frequency, or having to travel a minimum of eight times on a daily basis.

There area unit many causes for Associate in Nursing hyperactive bladder. These will include:

1.Conditions moving muscles, nerves, and tissues, sort of a stroke or sclerosis

  1. Estrogen deficiency caused by climacteric

  2. Excess weight that places additional pressure on the bladder

  3. Injuries

Other causes

frequent urination in women
Other causes of frequent voiding will include:

Bladder stones


Interstitial urinary tract infection

Weakened girdle floor muscles

Excessive caffeine, nicotine, artificial sweeteners, and alcohol can also irritate the bladder walls and may worsen frequent voiding symptoms.

What are unit symptoms?

Your symptoms can rely on the reason behind your frequent voiding.

UTI symptoms
UTIs will develop anyplace within the urogenital system, however, they normally occur within the bladder and channel. They’re additional common in ladies than men as a result of ladies have a shorter channel. this enables the bacterium to travel additional simply to the bladder and cause infection. The symptoms of a UTI include:

frequent urination in women, brain tumor causes, migraine causes

1.Needing to urinate oftentimes

  1. Pain or burning once urinating
  2. Strong-smelling pee
  3. Lower abdominal pain
  4. Blood within the pee
  5. Fever
  6. Loss of bladder management
  7. Nausea

Overactive bladder symptoms

Frequent voiding is that the primary symptom of Associate in Nursing hyperactive bladder. However, you ought to not feel unwell or have any pain with voiding. alternative symptoms include:

1.Inability to prorogue the necessity to urinate

  1. Leaking pee
  2. Waking up multiple times in the dark to urinate, referred to as nycturia
  3. Diagnosis and testing
    Your doctor can perform tests to work out what’s inflicting you to urinate oftentimes. They’ll raise you some queries, such as:

When did your symptoms begin?

How usually does one urinate?
What are alternative symptoms area unit you experiencing?
Do you have any surprising unseaworthy of pee and in what situations?

Your doctor can presumably raise you for a pee sample to see for infection, blood, or alternative abnormal findings like supermolecule or sugar. Your doctor will conduct Associate in a Nursing examination of your abdomen and pelvis. this can probably embody a girdle examination and analysis of your channel and duct. alternative tests which will be helpful include:

Bladder scan: This can be Associate in Nursing ultrasound done on your bladder once you’ve got urinated to examine what proportion pee is left behind.
Cystoscopy: Employing a lighted instrument the doctor will take a better look within the bladder moreover as take tissue samples if necessary.
Urinary testing (urodynamic testing): This involves a range of tests that look to examine however well the urogenital system is functioning.

Treatment for frequent Voiding

Treatment for frequent voiding depends on the cause. Your doctor can 1st treat any primary malady liable for frequent voiding. If Associate in Nursing infection is guilty, your doctor can bring down antibiotics for obtaining eliminate the infection.

Medications that management the muscle spasms within the bladder will facilitate scale back incontinency, or loss of bladder management. Your doctor conjointly might recommend doing girdle exercises, resembling Kegels or bladder grooming exercises, to assist delay voiding.


frequent urination in women
Acupuncture is Associate in Nursing ancient Chinese style of healing that has been wont to treat sickness for hundreds of years. a typical use is for urinary conditions resembling hyperactive bladder and incontinence. However, presently there’s no consistent knowledge suggesting that stylostixis could be a reliable treatment possibility for these conditions. A recent review of a large form of studies on stylostixis and incontinence did not show its effectiveness. in step with British Medical Journal, a scientific review of stylostixis studies and the hyperactive bladder is currently afoot. it’ll assess however stylostixis compares to alternative treatments and the way stylostixis compares to no treatment the least bit.

Best treatments for hyperactive bladder

Preventive measures

You can take some steps to scale back your chance of developing frequent voiding. you’ll be able to conjointly avoid bound foods and drinks nearer to nighttime that area unit identified to extend the chance of nycturia. Examples include:

frequent urination in women

  1. Citrus juice
  2. Coffee
  3. Tea
  4. Tomatoes and tomato-based merchandise
  5. Artificial sweeteners

Constipation may also contribute to frequent voiding by golf shot pressure on the bladder, thus increase your fiber intake to take care of regularity.

Talk to your doctor regarding the correct thanks to performing Kegel girdle exercises. These will strengthen your girdle floor. Also, raise your doctor regarding therapy that targets your girdle muscles. These transcend exercise to broadly speaking strengthen the muscles that support your bladder and girdle organs.

If you develop symptoms of frequent voiding, it’s vital to understand the cause. See your doctor for correct designation and treatment.

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