Women's International Day

in #womens3 years ago

Hey everyone how are you all i hope you all are fine Today My blog is on the women's

Women is the power in itself whenever I think about this word the first thing come to my mind is Mother if our Mother will not give us birth how we came in this world ? how this world would survive?
Women's best character in this earth is Mother
But its not enough here she is Mother,she is Daughter,she is Sister,she is wife,she is the one who make your house she is the one which protect your home welath property inspite of your absence
Women is a cooker of your house she is the teacher of your child she is a guidance of your parents she is the one who maintain your life she is the one who cares for every person in the house she protects every kid in the house she takes care every elder in the house

What she wants in reward?

Just respect and Love...she is the person who have a very soft heart and feelings for all.

Respect women's
Happy International women's day...


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