How to Build a Rustic Book Shelf

in #woodworking3 years ago

Hey guys! Welcome to another #woodworking #howto #diy #homeimprovement video from the homestead. This one is a little older, but still worth sharing with you all and putting on @dtube.

In this video, I take some rough cut poplar that's been lying around the shop for a year and turn it into a rustic inspired wall mounted bookshelf for our living room.

I spend some time in this video explaining the mechanics and design of this build, showing you my math skills and also explaining how I cut keyhole slots in the pieces to mount them onto wall anchors.

Here are some photo snipets from the video to tease you into watching it.


Hope you enjoy! Any questions or comments? Drop them below!


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Great Job @greenacrehome! I’m not so good with so my woodworking skills are limited! Either why at least someone knows what their doing!

Hahaha Practice will get you there, then fake the rest. Thanks!

I think this was great little build, and i think it looks great. I think they only thing i would have done differently is put the nails for the braces in the back & on the top where they wouldnt have been seen. But you pointed out you like the look the nails give so it's all personal preference.

Thank you @koday94 Since building this I've been most surprised and pleased with how well the wall anchors have held up. We've loaded it down with books and (KNOCK ON WOOD) not had issues. :)

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