License Plate Guitar Grand Finale......

in #woodworking4 years ago

Well after all the posts of the construction of the license plate Guitar it is for the most part finished. I apologize for not documenting the final stages of its construction like I did in its growth. I ended up with a beautiful license plate box guitar that has a few bugs that won't be hard to eliminate. I finally got the electronics to work. The pickup is a P90 and it is hidden under the license plate. The problem with this is it picks up every little noise in the body..It does have an awesome resonator sound though. Using the zero fret method left me frustrated in trying to get the strings locked down in their proper position. Got it though.All in all it works well and the guy its built for will love it. I may still cut a hole in the plate and bring the pickup through the plate like normal. But I didn't want it to be sounds great after tracing bad electrical components. Sorry no pics this time but there is a video of me banging on it and realizing again that I build better than I play...... Enjoy the video and Ill catch you all soon......


Remember its just a sound Not a performance....




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Cool! I follow you.

Now that has a cool sound to it. It almost screams to be played with a slide in some gnarly swamp blues band.

thats pretty much where it's headed