Trying To Make PLans For The Summer Season of Sales

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Last year I concentrated on the sales of my Cigar box guitars:






Appalchian mouth bows.......




And slides.................


So now my problem is the market is kinda stale right now here locally. My web sales are still good and that is not going to stop. What I am trying to figure out is do I go the route most have gone or do I go in a direction not yet traveled? I can build toys........






or everyday crafts...............


But I don't want to make and sell the same stuff everyone else is making also but I want something different that will catch the customers eye and they say that they just have to have that item. So I am asking anyone that wants to leave a comment on this post telling me what you might like to see at a craft fair that you have either not seen of seen very limited supplies of.

I would like to add that if I choose something you submit and it sells I will share the wealth. Depending on how it sells I will send you a percentage of it in SBD. But remember it will be towards the end of the summer before we see the success of it. Unless its a overnight

So please put on those thinking caps and try to think what that was you said I wish someone would make something like that........ Who knows I just might!!!!!!!!

A little disclaimer here to keep it right..... While most of the pics are in fact mine some are not and have been borrowed from the internet and are in no way owned by me.......



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I will have a good think but your items are already so cool and individual , they are going to take some beating man

Those amps are cool. My youngest kid just scrounged a guitar off his cousin and we bought him a cheap amp to practice. Must not be very loud because I have not heard him lately. Hmmm....
But WTF is an Appalachian mouth bow?!

I'll think about this and let you know if I have more ideas... My initial response is that the instruments are most unique, and since I know a lot of musicians in Minneapolis, I imagine my circles of friends would love them. Glad to connect with another Minnesotan and hope to attend a meet-up soon. Following you!

I also have musician friends in the cities ..... We should compare notes... Although you being from there you get the advantage of it being in your own backyard as u did when I lived in southern Calif. Bigger cities just attract all the good talent. I saw a Minneapolis legend not too long ago..... Jellybean Johnson..... I got blown away......ya we should compare notes. I am always up for adding more musical friends to my world.

Most of my circle are what you might call small time musicians. The majority of their music would be considered, folk and improv. Some rock and pop in the mix. I don't even know of Jellybean Johnson. Perhaps I can't consider myself a local music lover afterall... I'll google :)

I am mostly blues and rock. My friends include Ken Valdez and Joey Flip.... But there are a lot more through them......