Exploring the entrepreneurial mindset & soaking up its contagious template

How intense it is to suddenly find yourself with new people in your growing tribe who are way deep into following their mission to the utmost, who are getting things done they set out to get done and who just tackle the to-do's in their life as they arise. For the greater purpose they set out to follow with deep conviction of achieving it.

It doesn't really seem to matter what it is in particular, even seemingly mundane things are approached with the same level of fervor intention as the most monumental tasks, business ideas or project plans. A target is seen and efficiently seized. Every day.


These people ooze activity, but more importantly they radiate confidence in their own ability, their learned habitual approach to be able to tackle anything that arises with a stern sense of direction and purpose.

I realize both that I have already come far on the worldly plane to being able to switch into this mode at will, and that I have yet to go farther to reach the point of becoming unstoppable. Unstoppable in that it is irrelevant what challenges life throws at me because I have the core confidence and accumulated experience of tackling what lies ahead that I can always dare the move forward. Considerate, intentional - but relentlessly.

What looked like a challenge before suddenly becomes a pleasure to achieve. The near-obsessive quality of getting things done one after another without much time or room for overthinking them. Making the decision with strength and riding it out in the immediate future that presents itself, TODAY not tomorrow.

Yes, making a plan seems as essential with achievers as with people who just use their minds a lot and don't achieve much, but the readiness to get started and the lowered impedance to just getting active is a trained point of resistance that habit can easily start to overcome by sheer repetition and faith that it is worth doing.

It's like looking back at the day at night and being able to list all the little and larger things that actually got done with less amount of energy required than the mind would have originally forecast.

The entrepreneurial mindset shines through in that drawdowns, setbacks, failures or even defeat could not stop the one who is simply used to getting back on his feet.

And he will do anything it takes within his moral compass landscape to get the train rolling again.

Where others (me in my former state I am slowly growing out of) make excuses and justifications for why things didn't work out, the entrepreneur bathes in his learned readiness to solve problems right here and now, even if the result is less than perfect. He can always come back and improve upon his present result later but in the meantime this thing has been sufficiently solved so that it brings a benefit that didn't exist before he started out that day. Slow increments of actualization.

And so there is a snowball effect of sorts, a progressive realizing of the once immaterial items of preoccupation that are now present physically and actually because he chose to move his ass and did so with conviction.

Maybe this is the reason that even broke entrepreneurs who have to start from scratch again can relatively easily re-achieve their previous levels of worldly success in whatever parameters they use to define it, as opposed to people who never seem to be able to escape their own pit of self-defeating mantras stopping them in their tracks.

The achiever mindset by sheer willpower seems more and more appealing to me, especially when that mindset is aimed at projects that bring a benefit to all who mean well with humanity. That seems worth subsidizing with my own energy and efforts.


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