Top 10 Insane Waterslides Around the World

in #world4 years ago

 There’s nothing like the thrill of going down a water slide at top speeds under the bright summer sun. Take a look at top 10 craziest waterslides in the world. Most waterpark attractions are completely harmless, but some of them look so scary that not even the biggest adrenaline junkies would dare to give them a try. Twister and Speedy in Austria are two impressive water slides have all kinds of twists and turns that will leave your head spinning. Jumeirah Sceirah in Dubai’s Wild Wadi Waterpark is the tallest and fastest free-fall water slide outside the Americas. The King Cobra water slide at Six Flags Hurricane Harbor in Jackson, New Jersey is definitely one of the most thrilling and visually stunning water slides in the world that looks like a giant cobra. Boeing 747 slide is an actual Boeing 747 that’s been converted into a water slide. Brain Wash in Florida includes bright lights, videos, and even sound effects.  You have a chance to slide right down into shark-filled lagoon if you’re brave enough to take the Leap of Faith slide. Kilimanjaro waterslide in Brazil has recently reclaimed its title as the world’s tallest water slide. Placed literally on top of a hill for added height, it’s both terrifying and spellbinding. 


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