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The world today seems to be more dangerous than it was decades back, as things are done practically with personal and human feelings been Paramount on the minds of individual. I may not be born decades back but stories and experience of the people who were there and witnessed how people were so affected with one another tells a lot about what the world was then. Don't get me wrong, am not saying the world is so perfect and completely safe back then, rather am taking a comparison between then and now or the present as some chose to call it.

Our world has evolved round so many things scientifically and otherwise. Why we try to make things work for us in this present day by inventing gadgets powerful enough to do things ordinarily meant for humans. This aspect of humans life has being gradually taken over by machines carefully designed to performed certain tasks effectively than what humans ordinarily can do. Technology and science have help solve so many problems, in term of transportation, agriculture, health and even communication just to mention but few.
Except for an alien that will say that he does not admired a more robust and effective means of transportation that the world enjoyed today, however, it is worth mentioning as well that it is not all that rosy in the transportation sectors of life as both science and technology have not perfected the means of of transportation, certain transportation like air and even land have recorded high level of disasters across our world and there is no indications that it will end soon.

A better world will for sure deals with both good and bad or you can say the good, the bad and the ugly. The field of health has it's own share of insight on the world, what we now eat are more of poison to the body than it was decades back. Foods and other eatable items are now being genetically modified to meet up with demands of the ever increasing population size of the world. This has resulted in the development of health related issues which were very minimal decades back. Transformation in health sectors also help in the increasing number of organs trafficking as more and more illegal means are now being used to forcefully to harvest human organs and sold at the black market.